Real stories

Home care staff make a huge difference to people's lives everyday. Our real stories feature current carers and services users talking about why they do the job and the importance of being supported and being able to remain in their homes.

Chloe and Joyce - Eden Country Care

Chloe is a regular carer for Joyce in Penrith. Joyce suffers from MS and Chloe's care means she's able to stay in her own home, where she's comfortable and happy. They have a great relationship and talk about everything and anything.

Anne and Nora - St Gregory`s Homecare

Anne's been visiting Nora for several years. Nora was a carer herself previously, so she knows how important the role is.

Kelsey - CRG Homecare

Kelsey's only 19 but already she's progressed into a management position. She's a great example of the opportunities to develop a career in home care.

Jackie, Catherine and Michael - Eden Country Care

Jackie supports Catherine and Michael to remain in their own home, helping them with a personal care and work around the home. Catherine is an ex-nurse so knows what it means to care.

Jane and Joan - Mears Care

Jane provides care for Joan in her home in Carlisle. Jane got into homecare after a suggestion from her husband. It really works for her and gives her the sort of job satisfaction she hadn't experienced with other jobs.

Emma and Helen - Creative Support

Emma works with Helen and her family to ensure she can live comfortably in her own home. Emma's been surprised by how satisfying it is to be able to make a difference.