Testimonial 4

Hannah, Nursing Student, Barrow

My journey into care has been motivated by various contributing factors. After completing my marketing degree, I worked for Clark's and I often supported young children with learning disabilities to pick shoes. I loved getting to know the unique attributes the children had, and they always brought a smile and warmth to my presence. This always remained at the back of mind and I knew I couldn't forget it easily.

I decided I wanted a full-time job to boost my finances and when I was searching, I saw my current employer, a residential home for adults with learning disabilities. I saw the job focused on the importance of supporting adults with a learning disability to be independent and live a good quality life. Instantly I had a light bulb moment and did not hesitate to apply. However, this was done with fear and nerves as I was going to be working within an environment which was completely new to me.

During my interview I was made to feel welcome and I sensed the friendly atmosphere. I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of the team and was thrilled when I received a call back with a job offer! 

After a year of working there, I spoke to my manager about going back to university to study Learning Disability Nursing. I received nothing but encouragement and support to progress within my career. A couple of months later I was beginning my nursing career as a student learning disability nurse and I have never looked back.

My motivation and skills have come from working with the most wonderful, skilful and knowledgeable people. The team have years of knowledge and that really shows. It motivated me to want to further my skills base however, some of the skills I have learnt from them, a book cannot tell you. How to love, support and care for an individual comes from watching someone else. I have and will always in be in awe of the team. They demonstrate the true values of care every day and as a student nurse, it demonstrates exactly how I want my own practice to be in the future.

Working alongside my studies has enabled me to put my knowledge into practice. It has ensured I can still earn money at a job I love alongside studying, it is amazing! The team will often ask me questions and I have the confidence to answer them, as they see potential within me.

They have shown me kindness, honesty, integrity and have been just the most incredible people to work alongside. I never thought I would work in care however, because of them all I am so glad I decided to make the career change!