Testimonial 5

Laura, Interim Bed Supervisor, Wigton

I currently work as an Interim Bed Supervisor within Cumbria Care, working alongside the NHS. The team I work with are a great group of people! All the way through my career I have had lots of support - helping to push me to develop and get to where I am now, the teams have been brilliant!

My favourite part of my job is the people I support, especially where I am, a short stay unit as part of the NHS. We only look after people for a short period of time so I get to meet so many people, listen to lots of their old stories, jobs they used to do and the things they have done. People that had been in the war. I love to just sit and listen.

I enjoy being involved with training staff, helping to push people further just as I was supported to achieve. It is great to see other people develop and younger people starting a fantastic career.

If I had to give someone considering a career in care advice I would say, just do it. Give it a go. You get fantastic support from managers and senior team members. It is a career for life too. It's helped me take leaps and bounds into where I am now. I would like to develop more, work towards level 5 on the managerial side, in the years to come who knows, the stars are the limit!